Scrambled eggs on toast. That’s it. OK….with a grating of a bit of hard cheese…and maybe a drizzle of truffle oil on a special Sunday, but really…two fresh eggs, scrambled (or scrumbled if you live in Germany and have a dodgy menu translation) and eaten on a bit of sourdough toast. Simple. Tasty.

This is often my Sunday brunch…especially if I have been to the farmers market where I usually pick up some fresh eggs and really good bread from a local London bakery, Born and Bread. Their 100% sourdough is my favourite, think Pain Poilane but with a better crust.

Today was definitely a day to pull out the truffle oil because I have a wonderful hard sheep’s cheese I brought back from my recent trip to Madrid. Payoyo Manteca….I had never heard of it before, but it is wonderful, consistency of pecorino but a bit more pungent and a good nuttiness. Yum.