The Cuisiniste…

Finally, there is an army of artisans roaming around the house, gîte, land and pool. In the last few days we have had:

  • Maçon – mason/builder doing a magical job creating a window in the gîte this week…and getting rid of the 1970’s textured plaster to expose the beautiful stone walls underneath!
  • Électricien – oh yes, if you have an army of artisans that all arrive at the same time and all plug in their equipment- you will likely blow your electrics. Top tip – get the electrician to install a special circuit just for the work.  Now they tell me.
  • Pisciniste –installing new pump equipment and draining the pool, revealing a lovely green sludge. It is going to be beautiful when it is finished. No. Really. It is.


  • Err….fosse-septique-iste – trying to figure out where all the new ‘evacuation’ pipes will go to link up with the new giant septic thank that will be installed soon (please, soon…soon….I know our current septic tank is about to give it up)
  • Maître d’ouevre – contractor, guy bringing it all together and drawing up the plans….now looking to draw up plans for the renovations on the main house.
  • Pascal – the man with the demolition/digging/giant machines


….and the cusiniste, of course.  I am hoping this guy is a magician, the kitchen in the main house is relatively tiny, and we need to get a lot out of it, and the budget is slowly getting smaller as all the ‘ça ne marche pas’ add up.   In any case before June we will have a shiny new kitchen….oh yes, I am supremely excited!!

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