Idea evolution and transformation

So, you know when you discount the first idea that pops into your head (either as way too obvious, or way too unrealistic)….and then it keeps stalking you? Yep, that is me right now.  Without replaying the full history of the last year…part of the ‘dream’ in France was to run a cooking school.  For various reasons I had come to the conclusion that we would still do cooking classes, but more as a small side offering. I just couldn’t see how we could get enough people to make it viable. AAANNNND, I am still not sure how it will work, but thanks to a course I am on (The Ideas Adventure- which is indeed an adventure!) and some amazing creative and supportive people on the course with me, I have been spurred on to revisit the idea and play with a bit since it is something I am really passionate about.

Instead of just throwing whole thing out I am picking it back up and examining it from different angles.  Rather than a simple ‘cooking class’ maybe more of a ’food experience’.  With the wealth of markets, farms, vineyards and stunning produce to draw from in this area there are endless variations of what I could do. So, what next? Certainly not sitting around playing every scenario over in my head.  Now- I need to do.  Try things out, talk to people, get out and meet more of the local producers, share my excitement.

I also now have a slightly abstract list that I keep with me to remind me what really moves me and whatever I do needs to resonate with these:

  1. Allows me to share knowledge
  2. Involves food and wine
  3. Includes creativity/creating
  4. Provides a nurturing/nourishing environment
  5. Is varied in both activity and pace
  6. Allows me to interact with nature/outdoors/animals
  7. Provides a sense of purpose
  8. Provides an opportunity for face-to face interactions
  9. Is inspiring
  10. Is authentic
  11. Provides an opportunity to be with passionate people
  12. …and I get to keep learning new things

In the do spirit – I have scheduled my first dry run food experience for 21 -July (why don’t you join me!)

…and put out a little market research survey to test the waters:

Watch this space to see where it all goes.  The one thing I know for sure is I am happy to be right here, right now….oh, and I still love cheese (and did I mention we are getting goats in July!!).


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