Autumnal assessment

And voila- summer over, equinox blew by and here we are in autumn! 

Right now that means a freezer full of goat, a potager that just won’t stop producing chard and courgettes, and now a nice little pile of pumpkins.  I still can’t find the secret chicken nest- so only 1-2 eggs a day.  Aaaaand I think the goats have had enough with the milking and I am getting less and less each day (not bad though- it has been pretty good for a full year now!).  Time to arrange their ‘date’ with the buck to ‘refresh’.

In addition to gearing up for a lot of goat-based meals (bring on #goatober), autumn is looking to be a reflective time for me, to catch my breath from what feels like a whirlwind summer, and cooler days mean I can linger in the hot kitchen a bit more.

I’ll be tucking in to these and getting some autumn cooking inspiration

…and it looks like Dom has raided the village fig tree again…so, time for some fig jam.

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