Potager year one: hmmmmm

Harvest time! Sort of. Not the most abundant potager harvest this season- and that isn't just because I am being greedy, which I probably am, but a couple other reasons as well: Unusually hot dry summer (most people we know with a veg patch are grumbling)Hey – it is the first year…we are bound to … Continue reading Potager year one: hmmmmm

Veggie fritter and halloumi stacks

  A healthy veggie-filled, meat-free meal.  Courgettes (in the UK, zucchini in the US...and I have no idea why the Brits go with the French name and the Yanks go with the Italian name)  are my fall back vegetable...you can do everything with courgettes, stir-fry, soup, roast, deep-fry, puree... and they are great at soaking … Continue reading Veggie fritter and halloumi stacks