Sailing and snorkelling

After the shark feeding I was ready for a very lazy day on the Flying Cloud.  Sailing, snorkelling…and of course, rum punch!  No annoying Southern Families on this trip, just a nice family from Arkansas that accidentally ended up with Brendan’s waterproof camera. A group of Russians who insisted on pulling out a large Russian flag every time they took a picture, and then boogying to Michael Jackson on the sail back to Paradise Harbour, provided plenty of entertainment.

The snorkelling itself was OK, my fins didn’t fit very well and the visibility was mediocre, but no matter, it is hard to be grumpy and cynical when peacefully floating over a reef surrounded by colourful fish and gently waving coral.  Lunch consisted of some mouth-watering, fall-off-the-bone BBQ pork ribs and ‘peas and rice’.  After lunch everyone spilled off the boat onto Rose Island…and a stunning beach that was all our own for the day.  A lot of people, including myself and Brendan, moved away from the boat to claim a small portion of quiet beach and water, but I eventually migrated back to the boat so I could get some rum punch.  If you have never drank rum punch while floating in crystal clear water (with sunglasses and a wide brim straw hat)…I highly recommend it.  Very decadent.



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